Network Operations Center


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The UW-W data network is comprised of a campus-wide fiber optic backbone network that supports gigabit Ethernet connections between buildings and floors and 100MB Ethernet connections to PCs within buildings. All campus buildings, including residence hall rooms, have access to campus information technology resources and the Internet via the UW-W data network.

Instructional Communication and Information Technology (iCIT) maintains the network through the Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC is responsible for the campus backbone network, network switches, wireless LAN components, Internet connectivity, network security, authentication services, traffic monitoring, and monitoring of key network resources. Requests for network services should be made through the HelpDesk by calling 472-4357.

For resources that require DNS names to connect to the network, requests can be made at You must have a UW-W Net-ID to request DNS entries. Requests should only be submitted after the machine is properly set up for its intended use. Please notify iCIT if a machine with a DNS entry is decommissioned, to ensure that the database is kept up to date.

For construction projects such as remodeling in offices, labs, or classrooms that affect network cables and jacks, please contact the NOC for a consultation regarding the project. The HelpDesk should be your first point of contact for such requests.

Network security is a major consideration at UW-W. Protecting the integrity of our network, enterprise systems, and end user computers is the responsibility of iCIT, as well as all network users. To help maintain network security the NOC, as well as other iCIT personnel, maintain a continuous vigil against threats and issues. This includes network security at every level – network, server, application, and desktop.