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 Media Lab Attendant

Requirements and Description

The Media Lab Attendants work under the direct supervision of the Computer Lab Coordinator. The position is responsible for monitoring the Media lab located in the Andersen computer lab.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Monitor the use of the open computer lab. Ensure that the lab is only utilized by current students, faculty and staff. Report any computers in need of repair to the Computer Lab Coordinator. Oversee the evacuation of the center during fire or severe weather. Ensure the labs are secured at closing. Attend required training sessions offered by ITSE. Maintain the general security of the lab equipment and the environment in the lab, including enforcement of policies and procedures. Perform other job related duties as assigned.

Essential Functions

Ability to provide basic technical support to lab users. Ability to communicate effectively with staff, students and guest of the university. Ability to make decisions and work independently. Ability to ensure policies and procedures are followed in all decisions. Ability to utilize advanced planning techniques and time-management to ensure a good attendance record and/or acquire subs well in advanced. Ability to handle payment by students, faculty and staff. Ability to provide good management of supplies and resources used in the Media lab.


Applicant must be a currently enrolled student at the university. Good customer service skills are a must. Applicant must be able to work flexible hours and occasional weekends. Applicants must be Graphics Arts and Design majors or have related work experience in this field. Applicant must also possess strong Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark Xpress, Flash, and Video editing skills.