ImageNow Governance Group

The ImageNow Governance Group serves as the decision-making body for the UW-Whitewater ImageNow system, in order to communicate effectively, to leverage costs, and to manage security in the use of a common system.

The group consists of members who represent the data custodians for ImageNow, along with ICIT. The group’s representatives are (a secondary would represent in the absence of the primary person):

  • Undergrad and Grad Admissions: Steve Diesso
  • Registrar: Pam Malone (secondary: Jodi Hare-Paynter)
  • Financial Aid: Shalyn Uecker (secondary: Bob Nelson)
  • Fin. Services / Student Financials: Dawn Marsh (secondary: Marion Russell)
  • ICIT: Anand Vangipurnam (secondary: Tom Jordan)
  • Center for Students with Disabilities: Elizabeth Watson (secondary: Eric Mueller)

Anand Vangipurnam chairs the group. Others may be invited to share in meeting discussions based on the particular agenda.

The group is chartered with the following responsibilities:

  • Communication with all parties
  • Acting as representatives for campus offices using ImageNow
  • Overseeing security administration within the system
  • Setting schedules for patches, fixes and system downtime
  • Handling licensing, purchasing, contracting and costs
  • Developing processes for interaction with the vendor
  • Identifying options and developing processes to distribute ImageNow materials
  • Prioritizing the group’s tasks
  • Planning for the future, including the addition of new offices