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The IT Strategic Planning Process

The Draft of the 2004-2008 IT Strategic Plan took its current shape in Fall 2004. Its purpose is to provide strategic direction and to guide the campus priorities in information technology planning, funding and deployment for the next three years.

In Fall 2003 Provost Richard Telfer instructed Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, Elena Pokot, to initiate the development of the UW-Whitewater IT Strategic Plan (ITSP). The process began by close review of the 2001-2003 ITSP status report by the University Technology Committee (committee membership). It was followed by a vigorous debate regarding the preferred future of learning and instructional technologies on campus in light of the University’s Mission and Core Values (DOC), as well as the campus readiness to actively engage students in learning processes enabled by technology. This debate continued with the leadership of four colleges at the Academic Affairs Staff Council.

At the same time, the leaders of Administrative and Student Affairs reviewed the progress made in deployment of administrative systems and e-business initiatives. It became clear that these two areas had a single overriding focus for the next iteration of the plan: effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

As new initiatives were discussed and feedback sought from a wider circle of participants, three other important themes emerged: transitioning to a web-enabled approach to business and communication; Universal access to resources; and Core Competencies in the use of Technology.

One consistent notion kept reverberating through every discussion:

Enabling the individual.

This put the IT Strategic Plan in perfect alignment with the University’s core values, mission and goals.

By Fall 2004 the current framework of the plan emerged:

The overall goal of the ITSP process was to develop a comprehensive plan that combines high level strategic planning with some degree of tactical planning to lead to action in these components. The plan seeks to ensure state-of-the-art IT resources and services in support of the University’s mission. Previous IT planning efforts, most notably the 2001-2003 ITSP, provided the foundation for the 2005-2008 strategic plan. A Final Status Report for the 2001-2003 ITSP allowed the strategic planning team to assess the current state of technology on the UW-Whitewater campus and to move forward to develop an updated plan reflecting the increased maturity of technology resources at the University.

From the final status report, the planning team created a list of ongoing initiatives and developed many new forward-looking strategic plans. These strategic action steps were refined into tactical objectives and compiled into an initial report, the 2004-2008 IT Strategic Plan.

The 2004-2008 IT Strategic Plan was developed beginning in Fall 2004 in alignment with the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Values, Mission, Objectives, and Goals (DOC) in order to provide a frame of reference to guide campus decisions regarding information technology planning, prioritization, and funding.

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