Campus Computer Repurposing & Surplus Process

August 2011



The purpose of this process is to better assist our customers and departments in:

1) ensuring reallocated computer equipment will be set up properly and securely.

2) maintaining software licensing compliance and meet minimum campus standards.

To that end, the following guidelines for computer equipment were designed to provide a consistent, unified process to reclaim equipment (machine/computers) from campus staff and faculty during the set-up of new equipment.

Previously, when a new computer was set up/installed for staff or faculty members, the existing computer frequently remained with them. This equipment often would then be reallocated within their department, which created several issues that negatively impact users, including:

Current Solution:

The current process requires that iCIT reclaim old equipment when a new system is set up. Secondly, it requires that machines over 6 years old be designated as surplus, i.e. not to be used again.

When reclaiming equipment, faculty or staff will state if the computer will be reallocated, or if iCIT should store it until it is needed in the department. Once it is brought to iCIT, the system will be wiped clean of personal information and viruses, re-imagined, inventoried and stored. It will remain in iCIT until needed by department or until it is no longer beneficial to the university. These computers will not be used for any purpose outside the department owner. When needed, iCIT will set up the new user.

This solution offers the following results:


Proposal submitted to Executive Tier, Aug. 19, 2011

Approved by Chancellor, Aug. 19, 2011

Posted on Website, Aug. 24, 2011