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Academic Calendar - Events Calendar Policy 

Purpose: The primary PURPOSE of the Academic Calendar is to serve as an information source and planning document for faculty, staff, departments and students. The academic calendar is set based on UW System approved guidelines. The academic calendar adheres to the UW System Regent Policy of legislated contractual days of instruction. Mandated dates in the academic calendar include the following: term start and end dates, breaks, registration, study days, final exam period, and commencement. UW-Whitewater has chosen to include additional basic information to students, faculty and staff which are necessary to learn, teach and advise.

Who Can Submit: The Registrar's Office will submit documented calendar dates.

Approved Events for the Calendar: Academic calendar dates will be categorized into one of six categories: registration, graduation, exams, grading, term/sessions, deadlines, or schedule of classes submission deadlines.