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iCIT WORKSHOPS & TRAINING - Events Calendar Policy

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Purpose: The primary PURPOSE of the iCIT WORKSHOP & TRAINING CALENDAR is to notify University faculty, staff, and (where appropriate) students employees, about forthcoming workshops and training sessions that present new technologies currently used, or potentially useful, on UW-W campus. The calendar will include events organized by CEG, LTC, and iCIT student employee training.

Who Can Submit: Any iCIT employees who are organizing a workshop or training session are welcome to submit an event to be listed. Each submission (in addition to information required by fields on the event submission form) must be clearly described as either Workshop or Training (as explained below), and as either Hands-On or Demo.

Submitted events intended for SPECIFIC AUDIENCES ONLY, with LIMITED SEATING, and those which require ADVANCE REGISTRATION through the site, should also include the following information: WHO can register (for example, "open to UW-W faculty and academic staff only"), DURATION, number of available SEATS , and REGISTRATION DEADLINE, and (if available) a LINK to a web page or handout with additional information, if such link was provided on the sign-up form.

Event Types:

Workshop EVENT TYPE -  is defined as an OPTIONAL opportunity for University staff, faculty, and - in some cases, when specifically mentioned - student employees, to learn about new technologies, and to acquire specific work-related software skills. For example, a session open to faculty and staff on how to create Adobe Acrobat 9 Portfolios, would be considered a Workshop.

Training EVENT TYPE- is defined as above, with the difference of being either REQUIRED OF or STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR a group of employees who need to perform specific functions as a part of their job responsibilities. For example, a session for EVENTS CALENDAR MANAGERS on how to use the events calendar software, or a session on new phone billing software for employees in charge of managing departmental phone accounts, would be considered Training.

ADDITIONALLY The description of all iCIT events listed/announced as WORKSHOP or TRAINING EVENT TYPE will clearly specify the nature of the workshop - either as HANDS-ON (with participants actively working at computer workstations following the instructor), or as DEMO, in which participants will observe the demonstration, description, or explanation of specific software, hardware, or service, but will not have individual access to computer workstations during the presentation.

For an example of an event listing on iCIT Workshops & Training see screen capture image below: