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Software Acquisition & Installation Service Level Agreement


This is a Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between the campus community and iCIT to document:

Service Description

iCIT provides a standard suite of software, including the Microsoft Office suite, on all new university-owned computers, that is licensed by UW-W. iCIT will assist departments in the purchase of additional software, and provide services to install the software in offices, classrooms or labs.

Software installation is provided by iCIT through ZENworks for campus Windows workstations for academic and administrative use. As software applications are purchased and as updated versions of currently supported software are released, installers are updated or added to the Zenworks Application Window. UW-W faculty and staff can access the installers via the campus network for self-service installation or may contact iCIT to request the installation. Installers are customized to provide for consistent installation and to incorporate any required licensing information.

For the Macintosh environment, iCIT will install software on request. Network installers will be available in the near future for MS Office and generally available software.

Certain software may also have a home-use or work-at-home (WAH) licensing agreement, enabling university staff and faculty to install on personal home computers.

Roles & Responsibilities


iCIT will purchase, install and track licenses for university software purchases.

User Responsibilities:

iCIT Responsibilities:

Software Installation

University-owned computers will be imaged with a standard suite of software applications, including the current operating system and Microsoft Office.  Additional software may be installed through self-service or by a request to the iCIT Helpdesk. iCIT maintains software media and license installation codes, but does not distribute this information to departments.

User Responsibilities:

iCIT Responsibilities:

Service During an Installation

Support during an installation will be provided by the Helpdesk. Call 472-4357 or email during normal business hours.

Requesting Service

In Scope Services
Out of Scope Services

Hours of Coverage and Escalation Procedures

Service Requests

The Helpdesk is the initial contact for all service related requests.
Phone Number:  472-HELP (472-4357) or

The hours during academic sessions are:

Monday-Thursday:  8 AM - 9 PM
Fridays: 8 AM - 4:30 PM
(Check for summer and extended hours.)

Service will be prioritized on the following scale.

Impact Level Explanation Examples Initial Response Time

Impact Level 1

Campus-wide impact

ZENworks becomes unavailable

An initial contact will be made within 30 minutes.

Impact Level 2

Groups are affected


An installer is not functioning correctly.

During business hours, the Helpdesk will attempt to assist over the phone.  If problem is not solved, an initial response will be made within four hours.  A software installation may be delayed.

Impact Level 3

Individuals are affected


An individual is unable to run an installer.


Helpdesk will attempt to assist over the phone.  Response will be within two days.

Informational Request

Individuals need information on how to install/acquire software

An individual does not know how to install a software application.

Helpdesk will respond within one business week.

Impact Level 2 and 3 service requests will be handled during normal business hours. If a department/division does not receive a contact within the specified time for their Impact Level, an email should be sent to

Fees and Expenses

The creation and maintenance of software installers has no cost to the user; however, software licensing/purchasing fees may apply.

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