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UW-Whitewater Maps Service Level Agreement


This is a Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between the campus community and iCIT to document:

Service Description

UW-Whitewater Maps is an emerging technology used to interactively display campus specific map data as an addition to the existing image based map and the printable version available at UW-Whitewater Maps is a web application that leverages the Google Maps API and data collected by iCIT to “mashup” the two data sets into an application that allows users to search and locate buildings, parking lots and a variety of campus services in a graphical and engaging way.

The Google Maps API is a distributable collection of some of the features available at but freely available to individuals, companies and institutions. This allows UW-Whitewater to create unique maps without having to re-invent the underlying technologies.

The two intended purposes of this web application are first to supply internal and external audiences with a better way to obtain map data and important campus information. The second use of this system is to give campus community members the ability to have customized interactive maps created for their special events, reoccurring events, unique custom data sets and other information that can be logically displayed using the Google Maps API.

Roles & Responsibilities

Map Preparation & Creation

iCIT will create and maintain the core components of the map and its functionality. Owners or stewards of mapping data will provide iCIT with this information as it currently stands, be this building information, parking information, services available in certain locations, and many other possible data sets. iCIT will then record and implement the initial data set.

iCIT Responsibilities:

Data Owner Responsibilities:

Map Customizations Preparation & Creation

Customer Responsibilities:

iCIT Responsibilities:

Map Support

The iCIT Web Team will provide support for UW-Whitewater Maps. Requests for changes, updates or additions to the map should be directed to and include: Detailed information about what needs to be done (i.e. misspelling, marker in the wrong location, information about dining locations needs changed). If added information or corrected information is required it should be included in the request.

Customer Responsibilities:

iCIT Responsibilities:

Requesting Service

In Scope Services
Out of Scope Services

All Service requests shall be made to the iCIT Web Team at

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