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Work-At-Home Software (WAH Software) Service Level Agreement


This is a Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between the campus community and iCIT to document:

Service Description

Work-At-Home Software or WAH, is software in which a licensing agreement exists for a copy to be installed on a Staff or Faculty Home's machine.  The intent of the software is to allow staff and faculty to continue to do their work from home using the same tools available to them on their campus machines, and should be uninstalled upon the termination of employment.

Roles & Responsibilities

Acquistion & Installation

Much of the WAH Media is available from the helpdesk, and complete list of availability as well as the licensing requirements can be found in the Software Catalog.

User Responsibilities:

iCIT Responsibilities:

Requesting Service

In Scope Services
Out of Scope Services


The WAH (Work-At-Home) media can be acquired from the Helpdesk, or in some cases, can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.  A complete list of all the WAH software, as well as their licensing requirements available to UWW Staff and Faculty can be found in the Software Catalog

Responding to Problems and Incidents

If a user has trouble installing any of the WAH media, the user should contact the Helpdesk (472-4357) for support.

Impact Level Explanation Examples Initial Response Time

Impact Level 1

Campus-wide impact of critical importance

 Not Applicable to WAH Installation

During Business Hours: Immediate response

After Hours: Best Effort

Impact Level 2

Campus-wide impact


Any WAH media that requires campus services that are not working as intended on campus.

Installation Media is corrupt or not functioning

During Business Hours: Four hours

After Hours: Best Effort

Impact Level 3

Individuals are affected


User has problems installing or using the WAH media and has followed the given instructions

Response will be within 2 business days

Hours of Coverage and Escalation Procedures


WAH media can be obtained from the Helpdesk, or in some cases downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

Service Requests

The Helpdesk is the initial contact for all service related requests. Phone: 472-HELP (472-4357) or

The hours during academic sessions are:

Monday-Thursday:  8 AM - 9 PM
Fridays: 8 AM - 4:30 PM
(Check for summer and extended hours.)

Impact Level 2 and 3 service requests will be handled during normal business hours. If a department/division does not receive a contact within the specified time for their Impact Level, an email should be sent to

Fees and Expenses

No costs will be associated with WAH Media.

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