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Wireless Access Service Level Agreement

Approved July 2009


This is a Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between the campus community and iCIT to document:

Service Description

The UW-W wireless network is available for staff, faculty, students and guests to access online resources with mobile devices. The intent is to provide network access to mobile devices for which a hard-wired connection (wall jack) is impractical or inconvenient due to the mobile nature of the device.  The campus wired infrastructure remains the recommended solution for desktop computers or in situations where mobility is not a requirement. After consultation, iCIT will make the final determination whether a wired or wireless connection is appropriate for a particular application.

Wireless access is available in most university buildings, as well as some outdoor locations. Refer to the map indicating wireless locations: A UW-W Net-ID or guest account is required to use the wireless network; guest accounts are available  for a temporary period of time, and are initiated by making a request to the Helpdesk.

Roles & Responsibilities

Acquisition & Setup

A wireless device that supports WPA-Enterprise encryption, and a valid NetID or guest access account is required to access the UW-W wireless network. Computers purchased by the university, or personal purchases through the 4U program will meet the wireless requirements.

User Responsibilities:
iCIT Responsibilities:

Requesting Service

The wireless network is accessible to anyone with a valid UW-W Net-ID and password, or a guestID and password. View instructions for configuring wireless and instructions for obtaining guest access.

In Scope Services
Out of Scope Services

Responding to Problems and Incidents

If a user has trouble with the UW-W wireless network on supported devices, they should first check system status to verify current availability of the system at . If the wireless system is available, the next step is to contact the Helpdesk (472-4357).

Impact Level Description Pickup Target Response Target Resolution Target


Many users impacted and unable to work, no workaround available.

10 minutes

30 minutes

4 hours


Many users impacted but able to work, though not as effectively. Workaround is available. Individual with severe impact and no workaround.

30 minutes

1 hour

8 hours


Issue is limited to individual, is minor in nature, or a workaround exists.

4 hours

4 hours

1 week

Service Request

Issue is not a problem but a request for service

1 day

1 day

May vary by type of request

Hours of Coverage and Escalation Procedures

Service Requests

The Helpdesk is the initial contact for all service related requests.
Phone Number: 472-HELP (472-4357) or

See the Helpdesk website for hours of operation. Impact Level 2 and 3 service requests will be handled during normal business hours. If a department/division does not receive a contact within the specified time for their Impact Level, an email should be sent to

Fees and Expenses

There are no costs to individuals associated with using the UW-W wireless network infrastructure. Special needs will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.