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Call us first.

Use the Technology Support Center Helpdesk as the first point of contact for technology services, questions and problems. Contact, phone 472.4357, stop by Andersen Library 2000, or refer to the TSC Helpdesk Web site.

Use your UW-W email account regularly.

Most academic courses use UW-W email and many university offices will communicate with you exclusively through your UW-W email account.

To access UW-W email, faculty and staff should use the Outlook email client for Windows or the Entourage client for MacOS. Students should use the Outlook Web Access client.

To find the latest documentation on using the UW-W email system, go to:

Monitor your mailbox size.

Your space allocation does have a limit and every message counts against that limit, including those in the folders for deleted items, sent items, junk mail and drafts.

Delete email that you no longer need, especially messages with large attachments. Empty your deleted items folder regularly. Student accounts will have messages in their deleted items folder automatically deleted if the messages are more than 30 days old.

Try not to use your email account as a document repository, especially for large documents.

Don't send large attachments through email.

Use the shared storage features of D2L, campus web storage, or shared network storage for workgroups.

Minimize Spam

Spam, or unsolicited commercial email, is a problem all across the Internet. To minimize the amount of spam you receive in your UW-W email account, follow these steps:

  1. Never reply to spam
  2. Use a different email account for Internet shopping
  3. Be very selective where you register your email address online
  4. Don't open messages that you know to be spam
  5. Use the spam filtering mechanism with your Outlook email program