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Classroom Technology Best Practices

  1. Do not turn off classroom computers. Leave them on for the next class.
  2. Turn off projectors when you are done with class. Projector lamps are expensive.
  3. Logoff your account if you login to Novell or your network storage during class. If unsure, reboot the machine.

Desire2Learn Best Practices

  1. Request courses in advance. Do not wait until the day before a semester starts.
  2. Request courses at . Do not send email to staff.
  3. Send email to for fast resolution of your problems.
  4. Send student registration problems to Do not send them to D2L support.
  5. Check the start and end date of your course to match the access dates you want for your students.
  6. Attend D2L training workshops during the semester to learn how to maximize D2L features for your courses.
  7. Attend the D2L walk-in clinic on Friday afternoons at the LTC for quick problem resolution.
  8. Check the UWW-D2L Instructor Resources Course for updated documentation and announcements.
  9. Do not mount documents on D2L that are over 2MB. Think of students with slow internet connections.
  10. Optimize PDF files, PowerPoint files, image files and more. Come to the LTC for help.
  11. Do not ask your students to print un-optimized PowerPoint files or PDF files. Come to the LTC for help.