Protect You & Your Computer

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Computer Protection Best Practice

Use a security device to physically secure computers in offices.

  1. Each personal computer device purchased should be purchased with a physical locking device to assure compliance with insurance guidelines.
  2. When the machine is left unattended, it is recommended that the user lock the workstation or log off the machine.

Desktop Security Practices.

  1. Backup important data regularly to a network share or CD-ROM.
  2. Keep your operation system up to date with current patches and service packs. Windows Update works well for Windows systems.
  3. Lock your desktop when not in use. Set your screensaver to lock your workstation after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  4. Use only programs that are necessary to do your work and that are provided by iCIT. Installing and using unknown programs can compromise the security of your workstation.
  5. Run your workstation as a regular user instead of an administrator, if possible. Using a regular user will result in safer operation.
  6. If the business practice in your office permits listening to music during the work day, it is recommended that you use CDs. If you choose to listen to Internet radio, be aware that certain Internet radio programs can create a large amount of network traffic and also allow other people to connect to your computer to access the same radio stream. To prevent your computer from being compromised, we recommend the following players for Internet Radio: Windows Media Player, Real Player, Netscape Radio or iTunes.
  7. iCIT distributes anti-virus software and critical OS security updates to office computers through network login or connectivity. If you require any other type of operating system maintenance, contact the Technology Support Center Helpdesk to request assistance.
  8. Restart your computer once a day or at least once a week to ensure updates are being applied.