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Opening PowerPoint's Slide Master

PowerPoint's Slide Master is the one slide that determines the style of all the slides in a given slide show. Any changes you make in the Slide Master will appear on each slide in the show. To open the Slide Master, choose View|Master|Slide Master. Alternatively, you can hold down the Shift key and click the Slide View button (just above the Draw button and the bottom left side of the PowerPoint window). To close the Slide Master and continue working on your slide show, click Close in the floating Master toolbar.

Slide View In PowerPoint

In PowerPoint 97, when you opened a blank slide, all you would see was the blank slide. In PowerPoint 2000, opening a blank slide results in a slide view and an outline view. If you want the slide to consume more window space, you can click the Slide View icon at the bottom left of the PowerPoint window. This will result in a large slide view and a small outline view. If you don't want to see any of the outline view -- just the slide as in the old days of PowerPoint 97 -- press Ctrl while you click the Slide View button. This time you'll get only the slide view.

PowerPoint Design Templates

There are tons of templates that come with PowerPoint 2000. The problem is that you may not find them all because they're not all installed. To install all of them (they require only a paltry 3 MB of disk space), insert your Office 2000 disc and click Start|Settings|Control Panel. When the Control Panel opens, double-click Add/Remove Programs. Now double-click on your Office 2000 installation (or whatever it's called). When the Office Setup dialog box opens, click Add or Remove Features. Click the small plus sign (+) at the left of Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows. Next, click Design Templates and choose "Run all from My Computer." Click Update Now to continue. When Setup completes, click OK, then click OK to close the Add/Remove dialog box. Close Control Panel. To see the templates, run PowerPoint and choose File|New. When the dialog opens, click the Design Templates tab.