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You can use AutoCorrect to make inputting text much faster. For example, perhaps you have to write a set of instructions for your co-workers on how to use Netscape Navigator. Odds are, you'll have to type the name of the program over and over again. To save yourself some time, create an AutoCorrect entry for Netscape Navigator. Use "nn" as the entry for the full program name, so that whenever you type nn, Word will automatically replace it with "Netscape Navigator." You can find the AutoCorrect dialog box on the Tools menu.

Pause before Clicking

Word has many Yes/No/OK-type questions. If you click OK without thinking about it (or press Enter accidentally), you can delete text, delete files, or perform a bad replace operation without meaning to. Always read your screen before you click OK. Some dialog boxes have a Close button rather than an OK button. These buttons are typically used when you make some choice or reset some option and you don't want to continue with the command. For example, you can change printers in the Print dialog box and then click the Close button to continue without printing.

Changing Your Default Location

You can specify any given folder to be the one in which Word saves or opens documents. By default, Word uses the My Documents folder in Windows. To change this, choose Tools, Options and then click the File Locations tab. Select Documents, and then click Modify to select a new folder.

Finding the Right Word

If you're not sure about the spelling of a single word and you want Word to help you, you can find the correct spelling by using wildcards in place of the characters you don't know. The asterisk (*) wildcard represents any number of characters, and the question mark (?) wildcard represents a single character. For example, if you're not sure how to spell the word embarrassment, you can type emba*a*ment, select it, and click the Spelling and Grammar button. Word then shows you the correct spelling. If you type emba*ment, Word shows you three words that fit this pattern.