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Software Training for Faculty and Staff

Customer Technology Services and Support  (CEG) and the Learning Technology Center (LTC) offer a wide variety of training opportunities to UW-W faculty and staff. All training is offered at no charge.

Online Registration: Although all workshops are free to University faculty and staff, for practical reasons, many have limited enrollment, and require registration in advance. To access the listing of all currently scheduled LTC and CEG workshops, with dates, times, and for one-click sign-up, go to, log-in with your University Net-ID, and click “Training and Event SignUp” link at the bottom of the page.

LTC-led workshops focus on providing training in software used primarily by faculty and academic staff in direct relationship to their teaching responsibilities, such as Desire2Learn, Turnitin anti-plagiarism software, and software titles related to the use of documents, multimedia, and the web in teaching practice. For more information about LTC training opportunities please e-mail

CEG-led workshops provide software training in support of administrative functions of University staff and faculty, including a wide range of workshops focused on various uses of Microsoft Office 2007 (Windows), Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac, and Adobe Acrobat 9.

CEG offers consulting and training services to assist various departments on campus in implementing innovative technology solutions specific to their department’s needs.

For more information about CEG training opportunities, please contact Jerzy (George) Jura ( or x5954), or visit the staff training blog.

iCIT also offers training for student employees. For more information, see IT Student Employment and Training Program page.