Rapid Course Development Resources



'Rapid Deployment' is the process of quickly (within a matter of hours or days) moving part or all of what would otherwise be a traditional 'brick and morder' course into a mode of digital distribution. A number of circumstances exist where this is necessary. Any circumstance where the instructor of a course is unable to hold the class in-person can be cause, be it for personal or widespread causes. Facilities may be unavailable to hold class, or an illness may prevent person-to-person contact.

This web site has been put in place to provide instructors in any circumstance the tools necessary to quickly move portions of their course online using a number of technologies -- with a primary focus being on Desire2Learn, the University of Wisconsin Learning Management System (LMS, or CMS).

When moving your course online using the information from this site, remember that these resources do not serve as a substitute for proper online or hybrid course design. If you are teaching an online or hybrid course, consult the Learning Technology Center to begin preperations for offering your course as soon as possible.

Jumpstart Using D2L

Step-by-step course building - Learn how to use and leverage the most common parts of D2L to place your course online quickly.

Starter templates - Import one of these templates into your D2L course to get a jump start. Avoid building everything from scratch.