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Instructional Web Resources: Faculty Web Space

All faculty and staff members can have their own personal Web space by requesting for an account on the facstaff server. You may use the Web space for your personal Website, your professional organization, or course Website. You may upload or download files either via the FTP protocol or the direct publish features in your Web editor.

To apply for a facstaff account, use the Web Account and Storage Request form on the UW-Whitewater Email Website (http://post.uww.edu). All accounts are created with your Net-ID as the directory name. Your URL is generally: http://facstaff.uww.edu/net-id/

Currently, you have a 10MB space allocation for your Web directory. The files on your facstaff account are indexed on the campus search server as well as the Internet. Thus you should make the best effort to keep the information current. This space is not meant to be used for file repository purposes. Your Website on facstaff can be linked on the faculty Web listing on the campus Website by making a request to the Webmaster. Any files on your Website can also be directly linked from other Websites if so desired, such as in your D2L course.