IT Student Employment





Staff Supervisors Duties & Responsibilities

The goal of the IT Student Employment (ITSE) program is to provide our students with the best possible training and experience to fit into the UW-W technical environment. To assist in this goal, supervisors in the ITSE program are expected to possess a thorough knowledge of the basic duties and responsibilities of the student employee(s) for which they are supervising, must be accessible and/or provide daily contact during the period of the employees' shift, and complete work performance evaluations. In addition to these overall requirements, supervisors are also expected to:

They are also highly encouraged to attend additional workshops throughout the duration of their employment. Students are compensated for their time spent in training sessions and should be informed of such. Unless otherwise specified, workshops are one night only, and will be held in the Training Lab, Andersen 1216. Students must register for classes at: An email message will be sent one day prior to their scheduled workshop to remind them of the upcoming class.

Student Payroll/Paid Training

Training hours from workshops are entered automatically into the pay period in which the training was provided, and are paid for through a funding source specifically designated for training. These hours are not to be included in the working hours listed, and do not count toward you department's ITSE allocation.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor or contact person to complete normal payroll entry hours for ITSE employment. Payroll entry information is to be sent to the ITSE email account at (see Payroll Entry Submission Form). If department training occurs, please note those hours separately on the payroll entry sheet as "departmental training hours" and we will pay them from the training funding source rather than your department's employment allocation.

Please note that all hours, employment & training, count toward the student's 30 hour maximum work week during the regular semester. International students are limited to 20 hours per week. All students may work 40 hours during breaks.

Performance Evaluation

To properly evaluate student work performance, supervisors are expected to complete the Assessment of IT Student Work Performance form.

Suggested Format of Performing Evaluations:

  1. Discuss the form with the student at the beginning of the semester to demonstrate the supervisor's and the program's expectations.
  2. Complete the form mid-semester and discuss with student, addressing strengths and areas that are in need of improvement. These could then be monitored over the final half of the semester.
  3. Complete a final end-of-the-semester evaluation to determine the effectiveness of training and the pay rate and goals for the upcoming semester (or whether to retain the student for the upcoming semester).

Evaluating students two times per semester will assist the supervisor in determining wage increases for subsequent semesters.

At minimum, the end-of-the-semester evaluation must be completed, and a copy of the evaluation submitted to the ITSE Training coordinator. This may be done by:

  1. Completing the Assessment of IT Student Work Performance Form located on the web and mailing it to: ITSE, ATTN: Lisa Rowland - Andersen 2000
  2. or by Completing the Assessment of IT Student Work Performance Form via the on-line submission form.