IT Student Employment





Supervisor Handbook

The IT Student Employment/Training program at UW-Whitewater provides funding for the academic colleges and other areas of campus for technology-related student employment. The types of work performed by students in this program are lab support, web development, instructional design, and a variety of other support duties in the technology area.

Under this program, training is provided to student employees to give them an understanding of the technology environment at UW-Whitewater, to develop expertise in specific technical areas and to enhance customer service skills. Students are required to attend 3 out of 5 core workshops as designated by the employer, and will be paid for the time that they attend these workshops through the IT Training budget. They are also encouraged to attend additional workshops so that they can become familiar with specifics in the UW-W environment.

To self-register, students should go to An email message will be sent to the students, with a cc: to the supervisors, reminding them of the courses for which they have self-registered. Unless otherwise specified, the location of most of these workshops are in the Andersen 1216 lab, across the hall from the Cable 19 studio and Photo/Graphics.

The following links provide information regarding the hiring process, payroll, training, and specific requirements for the IT Student Employment/Training program. Contact your academic college or administrative office area for information about available funding.

Contact Mary Jo deMeza ( for further questions regarding the IT Student Employment/Training program.