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The McGraw General Access Computer Lab is located in the lower floor of McGraw Hall in Room 19. The lab has 6 rooms, all of which are open to the public except when reserved for classes.  Wireless internet is available throughout the entire lab and a lab attendant is available for questions or help if needed. The lab has 130 computers running Windows, and 35 dual boot computers which run both Windows and Mac OS. The lab also contains group meeting areas and partner pods for group work.

Partner Pods: The McGraw General Access Lab Partner Pods are small areas for two or more students to work on class projects. Having a 24" widescreen monitor with available cords to hook up a laptop these pods work great for students to work on group projects.

Group Meeting Areas: There are two Group Meeting Areas in the McGraw Lab with comfortable seating for groups up to 6 people. Groups are able to use there laptops easily in these areas with convenient tables, power, and ethernet outlets.