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In the General Access labs, UW-Whitewater students can access printing services for quality black and white, 8.5"x 11”, duplex output, from network printers that are centrally located within each lab. A monitoring system manages the printouts; students will go to the printer release station to login with a personal Net-ID, and select and print their documents. While printing is not directly charged, it is monitored and tracked by individual.

Specialized color printing services are available in the Andersen 1008 Media Lab and the Andersen Library. Departmental computing labs offer printing services to students based on the need of specific courses. Printing options and availability will vary according to the requirements of the academic department.

The printing costs for the general access student computing labs are funded entirely by  UW-Whitewater student technology fees. Due to the funding source, these labs are not appropriate for the printing by faculty and staff, including printing by emeriti faculty. Occasional use by faculty and staff, including emeriti is not prohibited. Printing charges will be assessed to the departments or individuals in the case of emeriti faculty, as appropriate.


Remote Printing

UW-Whitewater students can print to the General Access Labs from their personal computers. To set up access to this service, you will need download and install software to your computer. This software will add a new printer to your computer for UW-Whitewater General Access Printing. Installation instructions are below.


Policy updated September 2011