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New to online teaching?  In need of some additional ideas for your online class?  The Learning Technology Center offers the Online Teaching Bootcamp twice a year the week before Fall and Spring semesters begin.

This program is a mix of demonstration, hands-on practice, and discussion, geared to address the most common concerns in online teaching.  All faculty and instructional staff are welcome.  Registration is recommended, but walk-ins are welcome. Please note that there is no stipend associated with this workshop series.

If you have questions about this, or any other LTC resources, feel free to contact us:

Day 1:

  • The basic layout of D2L
  • Arranging content into modules
  • HTML editor
  • Moving from Microsoft Word to D2L
  • Discussions—basics
  • Dropbox—Basics
  • Grades

Day 2

  • Creating, facilitating, and grading discussions
  • Creating and grading papers, posters, presentations, and other common assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Online gradebooks
  • Tools external to D2L: Blogs, wikis, Google Drive

Day 3

  • Instructor presence online
  • GradeMark
  • Webex
  • Studio resources
  • Presentation best practices

The Learning Technology Center is pleased to offer the Institute for Online and Blended Teaching twice a year in the winter and summer to meet instructor needs in preparing for their future online and blended teaching.

This highly interactive workshop demonstrates teaching best practices using a variety of teaching methods and technology tools.  The structure of this course not only allows instructors to explore new teaching and course design methods, but it also enables them to participate in activities that provide them with experience in being an online “student.”

By the conclusion of the institute, participants develop a D2L learning module which includes pedagogically-appropriate assessments, discussions, and additional learning materials. This module will be created with the assistance of instructional designers and feedback from insitute colleagues. Additionally, participants become proficient in using campus supported tools that enhance the learning experience. These tools include, but are not limited to: web conferencing, creating high-quality video in an on-campus media studio, and using web-based tools to encourage student academic integrity.

Institute Objectives:

  1. Develop a D2L-based module for the online or blended course you will be teaching
  2. Demonstrate pedagogically-sound course design in the D2L course module
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing the following instructional technologies:
    1. D2L Learning Management System
      1. D2L Dropbox
      2. D2L Quizzes
      3. D2L Discussions
    2. D2L Rubrics
    3. D2L Grade Center
    4. Turnitin Suite
    5. Respondus LockDown Browser
    6. WebEx
    7. On-campus recording studios
  4. Investigate and evaluate various approaches to ensuring online course quality
  5. Evaluate techniques to provide effective feedback in the online environment
  6. Describe and demonstrate approaches to building community online

Institute Expectations
Participants are required to attend three face-to-face meetings and two synchronous WebEx meetings. Dates and times for these synchronous meetings are published along with the application to allow interested participants in ensuring their availability to attend. Additionally, individual meetings with facilitators and assignments are required between meetings for institute completion.

Institute Eligibility
All faculty and academic staff who will be teaching at UW-Whitewater are eligible to apply to attend. However, the workshop will be limited to 15 participants. Applicants are screened based on their submission and selected in coordination with college deans. 

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