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Emerging Technology Exploration Projects

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) arranges to conduct a limited exploration of the technology with a small group of instructors. A call for applications/participants is then sent out to instructors across various channels with the expectations and requirements to participate in the project. The feedback provided by students and instructors is used to determine future LTC support of the technology. LTC staff members monitor, and examine, these short-term and long-term trends, and evaluate related technologies for potential use at the UW-Whitewater campus.


In Fall 2016, the UWW LTC explored the use of the Canvas learning management system (LMS) at UWW. As part of the exploration, the LTC surveyed students in courses using Canvas. The survey asked students to rate their satisfaction of Canvas.

What did we do?

The LTC circulated an online survey to students enrolled in courses using Canvas. Some of the courses were face-to-face and some of the courses were fully online. 90 students from seven different courses piloting Canvas completed the survey. In addition to assessing student’s satisfaction with Canvas, the survey included a number of other specific Canvas-related variables that might influence satisfaction (i.e., ease of use, system quality, information quality, usefulness, and clarity), as well as items concerning attitude toward learning management systems, and demographics.

What did we find?

Overall, students seemed fairly satisfied with Canvas:

  • Over half of the students surveyed would take another course with Canvas (9% somewhat agree, 37% agree, 20% strongly agree).

  • Over half of the students surveyed would recommend the course to a friend if it were to keep using Canvas (10% somewhat agree, 31% agree, 21% strongly agree).

  • The majority of students surveyed felt that participating in the course using Canvas was a “useful experience” (21% somewhat agree, 26% agree, 18% strongly agree).

Students who liked using learning management systems in general appeared more satisfied with Canvas. Conversely, Canvas appeared less satisfying with students who had taken more online courses and for students who find it easy to use learning management systems in general. It may be that less satisfaction could relate to more comfort with the LMS already used in other courses.

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