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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if the batteries die?

Your clicker batteries are probably dead if you press on any button and receive no signal. Batteries can be replaced. The best way to do this is to go to the University Bookstore; find out if you are eligible for a free replacement. If not, purchase batteries from them and ask them to replace them. They have the right tools, and will not ‘strip’ the screws which will make it difficult or impossible to open the compartment again for a second replacement. This may also void your option to sell it back to the Bookstore.

If you have the right tool, you may either purchase batteries from the vending machine in McGraw Lab, or get it them any retail stores. The battery type is coin cell CR2032 (3.0V) Lithium.

If you purchase a clicker from your friend, you should have batteries replaced for the new semester.

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Where do I purchase my Clicker?

The University Bookstore carries the clickers required from your classes. All classes use the same type of clicker. Do not try to get it from another source – such as eBay or another school, you may not get the right kind.

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Who can check my clicker for me?

The easiest way to see if your clicker is responding right is to check the light. A green light should come on if you press a button within the range of a receiver. Outside the range of a receiver, the clicker should respond with a red/orange light.

You may ask your instructor before or after a clicker class to test it with the receiver.

You may bring the clicker to the Computer Helpdesk in Andersen L2000. They are equipped to make a diagnosis. You may bring the clicker to the University Bookstore. They can also do a test for you.

If the clicker malfunctions, do not wait until the end of the semester, take it to the Bookstore immediately for a replacement. Otherwise you will not be able to participate in the class sessions which can adversely affect your grade.

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Can I set up a clicker session in my class to collect responses from my class?

You need to coordinate this with your instructor. It is totally feasible and it is a good way to engage the class in your presentation.

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How much is the Clicker?

A new clicker is priced at $45. A used clicker with a a new set of batteries is $36. You may sell the clicker back to the bookstore at the end of the semester for $22.50. Watch for the buy-back period at the end of the semester.

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Can I purchase a used Clicker from my friend who had one from last semester?

Yes, you may use or purchase a clicker from your friend who is no longer using it. Keep in mind though, battery life is limited. You should change to a fresh set of batteries if you acquire a used clicker. You are also taking a risk if the clicker malfunctions. If you purchase a used clicker from the University Bookstore, the device is checked and batteries are replaced.

Remember, you cannot share a clicker with someone who is using it actively for the same semester.

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Can I not buy a Clicker?

You need to purchase a clicker for full participation in a class that requires a clicker. Your instructor records responses from your clicker for each class session. These responses may be used for attendance, for participation, for scoring etc. depending on the class and at the discretion of the instructor.

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Can I Not Register my Clicker?

Your instructor records your responses for various grading or participation activities, un-registered responses will not be recorded and you will not get any clicker points. Register your clicker.

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What do I do if my clicker does not work?

When you respond to a clicker question in class, press on the clicker numeric pad the green light comes on, indicating your response has been recorded.

If it does, but your response is not recorded, verify with your instructor that your clicker device number is on the class participant list. If not, go to the Clicker website, [] and register.

If the clicker flashes an orange light while responding to a clicker question in class, your clicker is at the wrong channel. You need to re-set the frequency channel:

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What is the ? button on the Clicker?

This is NOT a help button. This is a feedback function that most instructors do not use, do not press this button to avoid confusion.

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How do I register my Clicker?

To register, go to the Clicker Web site at you only need to do this once. Refer to the section on clicker registration for more details.

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