Student Response System (Clickers)


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Registering the Clicker for Class Use

You need to register your clicker to ensure proper record of your responses during class. Some courses may use these clicker responses for attendance, class participation grades or assessment scoring that affects your grade. Make sure you register your Clicker.

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Updating your Clicker Registration

You only need to register your clicker one time per semester. Even if you are taking multiple courses that use clickers, you only need one clicker, and you register once. Registering more than once for the same clicker is ok but not necessary.

If for some reason you change to a different clicker during the semester, then you need to re-register using the same web address. Make sure you also alert your instructor so they get the new information.

You need to register your clicker every semester at the beginning of the semester, even if you are keeping the same clicker.