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Turnitin Comments

“This is a very good, easy-to-use and helpful tool. Given the ever-increasing teaching loads, and the increased emphasis on writing, this tool is essential to the educational mission at UW-Whitewater.”

Anthony Gulig, History

“Turnitin is a powerful and invaluable tool for detecting plagiarism, and it was very helpful to have statistics and figures regarding degrees of similarity between student papers and online sources (or even other students papers)…I plan on using printouts of the originality reports in any future disciplinary action against students who plagiarize as evidence of their academic misconduct…”

David Simmons, Philosophy and Religious Studies

“I found Turnitin easy to use and the time it took well spent. In fact, I think that it saved me time in the long run because I didn’t waste hours searching for plagiarism that didn’t exist…Finally, and most importantly, Turnitin restored my trust in students. My attitude toward several students totally changed when I was entirely confident they were doing their own work…”

John McGuigan, Languages and Literature