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What is Second Life?

Second Life is a 3D world created by users in the general public, education and corporations. Second Life is a place for people to interact, experiment and experience things in a way that is not possible through typical means. Communicate with others through chat, voice conferencing and interacting with the world. Explore places, areas, and activities that are made by others for everyone to use. Build landmarks, work environments or your new home.

Second Life as a tool in education allows students across distances to interact with each other in a way that is more personal than email or text-only discussions. The activities and experiences possible are beyond what can be done in a text-only or text-and-graphics format.

Second Life is driven entirely by people. Most content is made by individuals or groups of people to share with others. It is not a game with an end result, or activities to complete a task. It is a immersive community.

To use Second Life, you must install an application on your computer, and create a Second Life account. This account is your identity in the Second Life "grid". Go to the Second Life web site ( to get started and download the Second Life software.

Get Started with Second Life

First, go to the Second Life web site ( and create an account. Follow the prompts and instructions. You will then be prompted to download the Second Life software to your computer.

How do I use Second Life?

The following links and information are provided by Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life.

UW-Whitewater in Second Life

UW-Whitewater has an island in Second Life! Visit the UW-W Welcome Center now.

The University of Wisconsin System Island also provides an island which is accessible to the general public, and can be used for course work. Visit 'InWorld Wisconsin'.


Second Life Grid Status

Where to go for Help