Adding an RSS Feed to your D2L Course

What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS Feed is a connection to a news or information source that "feeds" information into your course whenever updated information is available. If you subscribe to headlines from a particular newspaper, for example, you will get the new headlines whenever they are published by the newspaper. The RSS feed will appear in a window, and there is usually a link you can click to go to the source for further information. If you want to see an example of an RSS feed, go to the D2L Tips section of this site. The text inside the window labeled Latest Tips is an RSS feed of the LTC's D2L Tips blog.

Setting up an RSS feed is not difficult. First, find an RSS feed you would like to include. RSS Feed links on a site are indicated in several ways. One common way is simply by using a link labeled "RSS feed" or "Syndicate this site." Here are some examples.

Right-click the link (CTRL click on a Mac). Choose 'Copy Shortcut' (in IE) or 'Copy Link Location' (Firefox and Netscape).

Go to the Feed2JS page located at

Paste the address you copied into the field labeled "URL. Enter the web address of the RSS Feed."

Click "Preview Feed" to see how the feed will look.

Click "Generate JavaScript" and copy the code that appears in the field labeled "Cut and paste javascript."

You can paste this code into the source view of any web editor, such as Dreamweaver, or into the News area of your D2L course. (Be sure to check 'Is HTML' before saving.)

You can also make a widget for your course homepage and paste the code there.