How to get a student account

Students who are registered at UW-Whitewater for the semester will automatically get a D2L account. You do not need to do anything.

How to access the D2L website

The Official URL is:

The easy to remember URL is:

Alternatively, start at the UW-Whitewater website
Under QuickLinks, click the D2L link.

Show me how to access the D2L website.

Your UW-Whitewater Net-ID and password are used to login to D2L.

  • First 8 letters of last name
  • First initial
  • Middle initial
  • Day of birthday
    Example: doeja07. John A Doe was born on the 7th.

For more information about your Net-ID go to the Net-ID Password Change Self Service site,

How do I change my D2L password?

Your D2L password is the same as your Net-ID password. To change your password, go to the Net-ID Password Change Self Service site at

Forgot My Password

Your password is your Net-ID password. If you forget your password, go to the Net-ID Password Change Self Service site at

Login assistance

Students will be enrolled automatically into D2L courses. If you have problems with accessing your course, contact your instructor to verify that you are properly enrolled in the course. Your instructor will contact support staff as needed.

You WILL NOT be enrolled a D2L course unless you are properly registered. You may also verify your status with the registrar or login to your WINS account.

NOTE: If you can login to your D2L account but you do not see your course in the MY Whitewwater Courses Listing area, make sure you click on the [+] icon next to the Semester code. You need to expand the code to see your course for the semester.

Test Run on D2L

If you are interested to take a test run to see the look and feel of the D2L system as a student, you may use a demo course with following login credentials:

Net-ID: uwwstd
Password: uwwstd

After you login, scroll to the My Wisconsin Listing, select UWLIONL101 - Online Education 101

This course is set up to help you gain a general understanding of D2L, it is not meant to be a comprehensive tutorial.

My Preferences

Once you are logged into your D2L course you have a series of preferences which you can set to your liking.


In the General Preferences you have three preferences to set:

  1. Font Settings: Choose the font type and size of your display.
  2. Course CD-ROM: Set the letter of your CD-ROM drive within D2L correspond to the drive letter of your CD-ROM on your computer (this is for PC users only).
  3. Operating System: Choose the operating system (Windows, Mac os9, Mac OSX) when you use the D2L course management site. Save your preferences.

You need to adjust this setting if you move from one computer to another with different operating system.


You are able to choose five different layouts for how you would like to view your discussions.

  • Pager: Choose if you would like the pager to use sound. Choose the sound you would like for it to use.
  • Picture Library: Determine what pictures will show on your course home page.

My Email

You can send email to your instructor or students in your class by going to the Classlist tool on the navigation bar. Your email address in D2L is registered as your campus email address. You cannot change this address in D2L. Make sure you read your Campus email. To access your campus email go to:

My Homepage

The My Homepage screen allows you to change and setup your own simple homepage in D2L. You can edit the page to share information about yourself with your classmates. You can make changes to the page at any time. You may have one homepage for each course you are enrolled in. Your homepage may be a series of html coded pages, or even a word document.

Course Navigation Bars

The tools that you will use to navigate your course will vary depending on what your instructor uses for that particular course. Some of the most commonly used links are:

  • Content: This page will help you find and navigate your courses.
  • Find Your Courses
  • Discussions: In the Discussions section you can read and add messages to discussions within your course. Show me how to post. Show me how to reply.
  • Classlist: A directory of enrolled students, profiles, homepages, emails, and group settings for the course. Show me how to use the classlist.
  • Grades: Check your assignment/course grades here.
  • Quizzes: The Quizzes link takes you to the list of quizzes available to you. You should read the instructions carefully before taking the quiz. You can also save the responses to questions during the quiz before you submit in case of network failure.
  • Dropbox: The Dropbox lets you submit assignments to your instructors electronically and get feedbacks. Files are uploaded and sent to your instructor when you place them in the Dropbox.
    Show me how to use the Dropbox.
  • Locker: This is an area where you can upload and store personal files. All files that are stored in Locker are confidential and can only be accessed by you. This comes in handy when you work on multiple workstations; no more carrying around disks! Show me how to use the Locker.

Requirements for using D2L

D2L has certain browser and system requirements. To ensure that your computer properly supports D2L, please check the separate link within this section entitled D2L System and Browser Requirements." You should also use the "Click Here to do a Systems Check" link to make sure that your system passes all the requirements for D2L to function properly. Show me how to check my system