Welcome to the Students area of the UW-Whitewater Online Learning Resources site. Are you anxious about taking an online course for the first time? Have you taken an online course but found the experience unsatisfactory and overwhelming? Or, perhaps you are just looking for some hints on using the D2L course management system. You've come to the right place. This goal of this site is to help students taking a partially or totally online course to be better prepared for the experience, an experience likely to be quite different from a traditional classroom course.

Follow the links in the left column to the section that most closely matches the information you are looking for. If you are a first time online student, we recommend that you begin with the Getting Started and Online Learning sections. They will get you started on preparing for the technology environment you need, and give you some information on time management and stress management skills. You can even take a self-assessment to help you determine how ready you are to take an online course!

Looking for some guidance on finding online resources for a research project or need some writing tips? Check out the Research and Writing section.

The D2L FAQ section can be your best friend. We have a rich collection of frequently asked questions from students just like you. Why struggle over problems or get frustrated over issues that others have encountered and solved? Search the D2L FAQ first. However, if you don't find a solution to your problem in the D2L FAQ, we encourage you to report your problem to D2L support to get expert assistance from the campus D2L support staff.

We wish you a successful semester and a rewarding experience with your online courses.