Content Management System

What is a Content Management System?

UW-W is in the process of implementing new content management tools (called Collage) that will enhance the quality of the UW-W website. this system will keep online information timely and audience-centered while creating a uniform look and feel throughout the site.

The goals of Content Management are to provide greater consistency of image and navigation, to ensure the accuracy of online information, to create a single source of data, to simplify updating and publishing, and to facilitate flexibility for change. When the transition is Completed, users can expect the UW-W web site to be easier to use and to provide more accurate and timely information.

Project Timeline

Phase Organizational Unit Status Actual or (Estimated)
Completion Date
  iCIT Completed 8/19/2005
  N&P Completed
  Chancellor's Office Completed 9/15/2005
  Admissions Completed 8/12/2005
  Athletics Completed March'06/
Go-live 8/21/06
  Admin. Affairs In Progress Fall 2010
  Chancellor's Office Completed 1/3/2007
  Advising - AAEC Completed 11/5/2005
  Advising Completed 1/20/2006
  Academic Affairs Completed Fall 2007
  UWW Handbook On Hold TBD
  International Studies Completed 7/11/2007
  College of Letters & Sciences Completed 7/10/06
  College of Business & Economics Completed 8/8/2006
  College of Arts & Communications Completed June 2007
  Graduate Studies    
  Library Completed 8/21/2007
  Whitewater Student Government    
  Royal Purple    
  CoED Completed 3/27/2007
  Res Life    
  Student Affairs In Progress Fall 2009
  Human Resources Completed 3/2/09
  Student Financial Services Completed 3/25/2008
  Risk Mgmt. Completed 4/1/2008
  Police Completed July 2007
  FP&M Completed 11/1/2006

Additional Web site requests

Organizational Unit Status Actual or (Estimated)
Completion Date
Career Services Completed
Music dept Completed 12/1/2006
Admissions Ph 2 Completed  
AAEC Completed August '07
Alumni Completed 4/9/2007
UWW Home Page + students & faculty Completed 3/17/2008
University Center Completed 1/18/2008
Honors Program Completed 4/11/2008
University Diversity Committee On Hold TBD
Marketing & Media Relations redesign In Progress Spring '09
Career, Leader Dev, & Warhawk
Involvement Center
Completed October 2008
Online Programs web site Completed 12/11/08
iCIT redesign Completed August 2008
Governance Web sites redesign
(Faculty Senate & Academic Staff Assembly)
Completed August 2008
Registrar's redesign Completed 5/27/2008
Pre-College Programs Completed 3/20/2007
Theater/Dance Redesign In Progress May 2009
Transfer Info System Redesign In Progress May 2009
Young Auditorium Redesign In Progress August 2009
Adult Student Outreach In Progress August 2009
Digital Journalism In Progress August 2009
Chancellor's Office Redesign Completed 3/2/09
Communication Dept. Online Newsletter Completed 12/9/2008
Academic Support Services Completed 3/4/09