Network Switch Replacement

In the effort to keep our network infrastructure current and to leverage UWW investment in technology, T&IR will undertake the consolidation and replacement of network switches during the summer of 2005.  As a cost reduction measure, we will identify and minimize unused network ports across campus.

For example, there are currently multiple active ports in faculty and staff offices. In the new configuration, we will still have the flexibility of moving computers from one location to the next within the offices, but we will ask customers to place a call to the Helpdesk to ensure that the port for the new location is activated while the port for the old location is deactivated to maintain the same number of ports overall.

Better management of port allocation will require some additional effort on the part of T&IR staff, but we believe it is well worth the savings to campus.

The project will be implemented in three phases:
Phase I Disconnect unused ports June 2005 (see schedule)  Complete
Phase II Consolidate Classroom and Lab switches June -  July 2005 Complete
Phase III Replace old switches with new equipment July - August 2005 Complete

Future Considerations: