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Spring 2014 Class Climate Schedule

Session(s) 8W1 8W2 and 16W Default 8W2 and 16W Alternate
Request Deadline 2/20 4/17 TBD
Message to Instructors 3/3 4/28 TBD
Evaluations Open 3/10 5/5 TBD
Reminder 1 3/12 5/8 TBD
Reminder 2 3/14 5/10 TBD
Reminder 3 3/17 5/12 TBD
Evaluations Close 3/17 5/12 TBD
Participation Report Delivery 3/19 5/14 TBD
Grades Due 3/21 by 4PM 5/21 by 4PM TBD
Final Report Delivery 3/26 5/22 TBD

* Dates Revised 10/18/13

Course Evaluation Services

iCIT provides course evaluation services that allow students to evaluate academic courses and instructors. Evaluation services are available using either an online methodology (the Class Climate system from Scantron) or in a traditional print format.

Online Course Evaluations

The online course evaluation system, Class Climate, can be used for any type of course, whether it is a traditional classroom course, a hybrid course, or a course that is entirely online. It can be used for either 8-week, 16-week, summer or Winterim courses. Evaluations are sent to students via email; students complete the form and submit, and the central system tabulates the results and sends a completed report to department chairs and their designates.

For more information regarding online course evaluations: Class Climate Frequently Asked Questions

Printed Course Evaluations

The traditional print format for course evaluations requires departments to purchase pre-formatted answer sheets, and manually distribute in class for students to complete. The manual forms are then hand-delivered to the iCIT Helpdesk, where they will be scanned and processed, and the results are distributed as MDI or PDF format.

For more information regarding print format course evaluations: Printed Course Evaluations