Application Development and System Support

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iCIT provides programming and application development services to support administrative and academic systems, to meet the university’s enterprise and departmental needs. These services include WINS/PeopleSoft programming, Web programming and application development, report creation, project management, and providing student data from WINS to 3rd party applications. Requests for work are prioritized by a campus steering committee, based on timing, value added, and productivity gains by students, staff and faculty.

WINS/PeopleSoft Application Development

Requests for programming services for the WINS/PeopleSoft system can be directed to the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, Student Financials, Admissions, or to the Department of Application Development and Project Management at: These entities will determine the requirements and data needs of the request and submit the project for prioritization to the UW-Whitewater steering committee.

Web Application Development

Requests for the creation of new web-based applications should be sent to: iCIT staff will respond to gather specific information about the request, determine feasibility, and submit the project to campus governance for approval and prioritization.

Class projects: Students may have the opportunity to develop web applications as a project for a particular course or academic assignment, such as Systems Analysis and Design. If the intent of the student project is to deliver a production application that is hosted and maintained in the campus environment, then iCIT staff should be involved in the entire development process, from requirements definition through code review and production turnover. Faculty or student groups should contact to initiate this process.

Support for Vendor-Developed Systems

iCIT provides support services for vendor-developed (3rd party) systems for administrative and academic departments.   iCIT’s services include project planning, assessment of solutions, coordination with vendors, server and database hosting, system implementation and upgrades, PeopleSoft data extracts, and troubleshooting or problem resolution.  In some cases, it may be appropriate for vendors to provide the hosting service for the system. In either case, iCIT will guide the planning, acquisition and rollout of vendor-developed systems to facilitate a successful implementation. Contact the Technology Support Center Helpdesk  to initiate the process.