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Data Center Operations

Job Scheduling Request

iCIT Data Center Operations is not able to assess the impact of schedule change requests on other scheduled processes. It is the requestor's responsibility to assess the impact of the requested change and coordinate any impacts resulting from the change, including impacts to other departments.

Please submit form a minimum of one week in advance of the effective date of the change to allow for schedule modification and resolution of any conflicts.

Requestor Information
  • Name:*
  • Department:*
  • E-mail:*
  • Local phone:*
  • Date submitted:
Job Scheduling Information
  • Date change should be effective:
  • One-time / On-going change: One-time On-going
  • Process name:
  • Process description:
  • Type of process:
  • PeopleSoft panel navigation:
    (Please enter the navigation path to the process.
    e.g. Financial Aid > UWW FA Processing > Budget Flag Reset)

  • Run schedule:
    (Please enter the time of day/night and interval - daily/weekly/monthly - at which this process should be run.)
  • Related jobs in jobstream:
    (Please list any jobs that depend on this job or that this job depends on.)
  • Other job changes:
    (Please list any other jobs that need to be changed or jobs that can be discontinued as a result of this change.)
  • Required parameters:
  • Additional instructions to operators: