Managed Web Application Development

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Web Application Development

ICIT Developed Web Applications

ICIT's staff of developers are dedicated to creating high-quality Web applications to meet campus needs. Groups that are interested in having a Web application developed by the ICIT staff should email a description of the project to the Manager of Administrative Information Services (AIS), Anand Vangipuram ( New projects will be scheduled based on available resources and priority level.

Web Applications Developed Outside of iCIT

In the interest of minimizing maintenance and support overhead as well as improving the quality of all Web applications developed at UW-Whitewater, iCIT has developed a formal process of supervision and review which will be applied to all new Web application projects developed outside of iCIT. The information below describes this process as it is currently defined. This process may be modified as more experience is gained in the supervision of these projects.


Ultimately, the goal of this new process is to ensure that all of the applications that on the UW-Whitewater Web servers are high in quality, easy to maintain, and sufficiently secure. The staff of iCIT believe that the best way to accomplish these goals is to provide their experience and expertise to the developers who are working on these applications. By following the process outlined below, the developers will be lead through each the stages of the software development life cycle, with the guidance and assistance of experienced iCIT staff.