Communication & Collaboration

Web Conferencing (WebEx)

WebEx is a web conferencing tool, that lets you host virtual meetings, share files, chat face-to-face using video, and share your screen to display professional virtualized presentations.

Instant Messenger (Jabber)

Cisco Jabber can be used on campus or remotely. Remote use of Cisco Jabber requires a VPN connection to campus.

Phones - Voice Communication (Cisco VoIP)

UW-Whitewater uses a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system on campus to enable unified communications where voicemail is integrated with your email and instant messenger (Jabber).

Email - Employees

Employees are provided with a UW-Whitewater email address once an HR record is created.

Email - Students

Student email accounts are automatically created when a student registers for a Freshman Preview or Transfer Registration session. Official university correspondence including billing, course information and announcements will be sent to the UW-Whitewater email address.

Email Lists

ICIT offers several options to create mailing lists, depending on who the audience is.

Spam Filtering (Ironport)

Ironport is an anti-spam service that uses a global spam evaluation system to identify and flag email messages that are likely to be spam.

Digital Signage

The campus Digital Signage service provides a standardized system for departments to display dynamic content to users using plasma screen or LCD displays.


The Blogs@UWW system is an enterprise communication tool for the campus community to build and grow, whether for instructional, departmental or personal use Blogs@UWW provides you the tools you need.