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Clickers (Student Response System)

A Student Response System (SRS) is a wireless response system that allows faculty to integrate question slides into their PowerPoint presentations or to pose stand-alone questions. When presented with a question, the student presses a button on a "clicker", which sends a radio signal to a receiver attached to a computer. The computer records and/or displays the response per the instructor's preference.

Students also have the option to use ReponseWare to respond to clicker questions. ResponseWare is a web-based polling application from Turning Technologies that lets participants use the devices they use most, such as their mobile devices and computers. Participants using smartphones, laptops, and other Internet-connected devices can respond in real-time to interactive polling questions. This application is used as a replacement for a clicker keypad.

At UW-Whitewater, we use TurningPoint software from Turning Technologies LLC as our SRS. We are currently using TurningPoint 5, which includes PowerPoint Polling and Anywhere Polling.

PowerPoint Polling

PowerPoint Polling allows you to integrate clicker question slides directly into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. The polling information is saved in session files that can be then imported into D2L. This is the most commonly used feature amongst faculty using TurningPoint software.

Anywhere Polling

Using a floating toolbar, Anywhere Polling allows you to poll from content in whiteboard software, web browsers, PDFs, Word documents and more. No additional preparation necessary; use your existing presentation or classroom materials. There is no need to convert another program for polling. Assessment and tracking for groups or individuals is also easily accomplished with a powerful reporting engine.

Clicker Keypad or Batteries

If you are having problems with your clicker keypad or you believe the battery for it has died, please contact the UW-Whitewater Bookstore. They have the correct equipment to diagnose and fix any issues with a clicker keypad and its hardware. Please visit their "About Us" page for their contact information.

ResponseWare License Purchases

Students need to purchase a ResponseWare license directly from Turning Technologies via their Student Store website. Once you are at the website, you will be asked to enter in a School Code, which will give you a discount on all ResponseWare licenses. For UW-Whitewater students, this code is: qfg1

If you need assistance or have questions while purchasing a ResponseWare license from Turning Technologies's Student Store, please contact Turning Technologies's Customer Support services at at 1-866-746-3015 or

RF Receiver

Turning Technologies RF Receiver

Instructors, if you are using clickers for the first time and do not have a RF receiver, please contact the Learning Technology Center (262-472-1004 or to make an appointment to pick up a receiver. If you believe yours is no longer working, please contact the LTC for a replacement.



  • Registration Link. Instructors will need to add a link into their course for the registration.  There is a guide that walks through this process available at:
  • User Guides / Video Tutorials.  Turning Point has resources available that we have posted for you at:
  • Course Roster Sync.  With Turning Point 8 and Canvas, the course roster sync has been greatly improved – and now happens on a nightly basis!  You will need to Publish your course before you can sync the course roster.  The video below will walk through this in more detail and show some examples.

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