Contest Winners

October was Cyber Security Awareness Month, and ICIT was active on campus promoting the importance of IT safety and awareness. You may have also noticed a promotion aimed at establishing our social media channels.

Partnering with IT student organizations AITP and ACM-W, ICIT sponsored a Cyber Security Awareness Booth in the UC the week of October 21st. The booth provided the campus community with information on how to protect themselves in today’s ever-changing cyber environment. The booth featured a quick quiz that diagnosed how protected or vulnerable your online activities were. Upon completion individuals were entered into a drawing to win a custom laptop backpack provided by Symantec. After the booth was packed up and all quizzes completed, we randomly selected our winner - Kate Ksobiech (pictured below with her new backpack)!

Throughout October ICIT promoted the ICIT social media channels. To start the conversation ICIT ran a table tent promotion throughout the dining halls on campus. If students followed ICIT on either Facebook or Twitter, they were entered to win a $20 Amazon gift card. The promotion was successful and many students are now following ICIT.

ICIT’s goal is to become a reputable social media resource for students. ICIT aims to provide technology content that is fun, important, and up-to-date.

The lucky winner of the Amazon gift card was – Trent Bobula (pictured below)

Big thanks to everyone who followed, volunteered, and participated in the ICIT October activities!

Lookout for more ICIT promotions and follow us on Twitter & Facebook for current tech updates!