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Web Conferencing

What is WebEx?

With WebEx (previously MeetingPlace) you can hold your meetings online, whether they be training seminars, demonstrations, or everyday project meetings and business communications. Anyone can participate using a phone and a web browser to discuss and collaborate on documents in real-time. WebEx is a system that allows for conferencing over telephones, web connections or even video, and makes it easy to set-up, attend and manage your meetings.

Why use WebEx?

Communicating across the globe is easier than ever thanks to web conferencing technology. WebEx can save time by simplifying meeting setup and save money from travel and long-distance related expenses.

How can I use WebEx?

To schedule a meeting, go to the meeting center at

For more information on how to use WebEx for scheduling and attending virtual meetings, access to a printable handout, and information about forthcoming hands-on workshops for faculty and staff, please visit