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Cisco Jabber

Notice: As of March 1st 2013, The ICIT's Jabber@UWW service has been decomissioned. We have migrated campus to Cisco Jabber.

Cisco Jabber has a number of advantages for faculty and staff over the previous service including ability to recieve and take calls, view call history and manage voicemail, in addtion to it's chat functionality.

All Student Employees also have the ablity to use Jabber in their work environment to chat with other student employees and faculty or staff.


Jabber is pre-installed on all Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.7+ office work stations by default. If your or your students work station does not have Jabber installed it can be installed from ZenWorks or self service, installation instructions are available in the guides below. If you have a Windows XP machine and want to use Jabber it is recommended that you have your machine upgraded to Windows 7 if possible.

Guides and Documentation



Faculty and Staff

ICIT is currently offering training for faculty and staff as part of our VoIP training classes. We offer two sessions every month. Online registration can be done through

Student Employees

Training for student employees is currently in the process of being scheduled. Once finalized it will be listed under ITSE training on