Information Security



Anti-virus Software for campus

Anti-virus software is one of the most important tools for safe-guarding your computer, vital information, and personal data from the daily onslaught of viruses, malware and identity theft. Without antivirus protection, your computer may be left completely defenseless against perpetrators' relentless attempts. Symantec anti-virus software is available at no cost to all UW-Whitewater faculty, staff and students work and/or personal use.

Download Symantec anti-virus on your personal computer

As of October 8, 2013 all UW-Whitewater owned computers should be installed with Symantec anti-virus. Please contact the TSC Helpdesk if you do not see one of the two images below in your system tray or taskbar:

New pop-up boxes

Windows users: Once you have Symantec, pop-up boxes may appear when a threat has been detected (displayed below). If you trust the source, simply click “Allow this file”. If you are unsure about the potential threat, please select “block the file” or contact the TSC Helpdesk.

Mac Users: If you insert an external drive or disc, you may begin to see a pop-up box notifying you that Symantec is conducting a virus scan. There is no action needed for you.