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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be there for my computer setup?

Yes. We need your help! You will help us locate your personal files for back up and reinstallation on your new computer. These personal documents include email, favorites, and 3rd party software.

We want to help you! With your new computer you may receive new and/or upgraded software, and we’re here to give you tips, instructions and feedback while answering any questions you may have.

iCIT wants to ensure that you are able to log onto your computer and go about your common daily tasks. We like to make sure nothing was missed in our setup by allowing you to test your computer and ask questions such as where programs are located, why icons on the desktop are changed, or if you are able to print to your common printers.

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Whom do I contact for additional information?

Contact the Total Desktop Care Coordinator, Adam Hufnagel ( if you have additional questions or need further assistance.

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How long will it take for my computer equipment to be delivered?

The amount of time it takes to complete the computer purchasing process varies depending on the time of year. Generally, you can plan for the process to take about five weeks from when the order is placed to installation in the end user’s office.

Be aware that the time of year in which iCIT experiences peak activity for ordering new equipment is June (the end of the campus fiscal year). Orders made in June are then scheduled for delivery in August and September. You can expect longer delays for computer purchase requests made during this peak period, due to the heavy volume of IT activity related to the beginning of the term. The best time to order computer equipment for the Fall term is prior to the end of the previous Spring term. This allows for the most efficient process and will reduce the risk of running into delays due to all of the increased IT and other campus activity in August and September.

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What should I do with my old computer equipment?

When you need surplus computer, printer or other computing hardware to be picked up from your work area, first submit a request to the TSC Helpdesk using the iConnect-Tech Support-Self system. Simply log-in to the system, select “Request Help” from the main menu (or Submit a Ticket from the left hand menu), which will take you to the ticket form. From the Common Needs menu of services, select “Technology Equipment Pick-up Needed” and the form will fill in prompts for needed information.

Computer surplus is picked up within 10 business days from when the request is received at the TSC Helpdesk. Personal information will be removed from any computer equipment to ensure privacy. For more information please review the Campus Computer Repurposing and Surplus Process.

Surplus pickup covers, but is not limited to:

Contact the TSC Helpdesk (262) 472-4357 or if you have questions.

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How do I order a new computer?

To purchase a computer for your department through Total Desktop Care, please email your request to  A member of the TDC will contact you.

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Does UW-Whitewater recycle IT equipment?

Yes, UW-Whitewater iCIT oversees recycling of disposable computer hardware components and office equipment as part of the TREE (Technology Repurposing & Electronic E-cycling) program. In addition, a small stock of surplus equipment is maintained for campus use to temporarily replace older or broken equipment until a permanent replacement arrives. Personal information will be removed from any computer equipment to ensure privacy.

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When will my computer be setup?

Once the computer has been received, it takes about three days for setup and delivery.

Let us know when you are available! We will contact you to schedule a time to set up your new computer.

Be patient. There are periods of time when we receive a fairly large number of computer purchases all at once, which can delay the process.

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When will my surplus be picked up?

Surplus pick-ups are generally scheduled every Friday. If you need a pick-up on day other than Friday, please indicate your preferred date and time in the iConnect Self Service ticket or on the Surplus Form. Efforts will be made to accommodate your schedule.

Also, please note:

In order to pick up your surplus, iCIT must receive a surplus request ticket.

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