Total Desktop Care


TDC Computer & Hardware Purchasing

To get started on your computer purchase, send your request via e-mail to Upon receiving your request, a member of the iCIT team will contact you for consultation. iCIT will place your order and keep you apprised of the expected delivery date. The beginning of the fall term is peak time for Tech Purchasing and delivery of you computer may take longer than at other times of the year. Also be aware that the earthquake in Japan has impacted delivery times for some computer technology items. For more information on UW-Whitewater purchasing policy, go to Tech Purchasing

Are you planning to use your old computer? iCIT can help. If you wish to reallocate the computer to a different person or to a different purpose in the department, iCIT will take the computer back to prep it for the re-use, including wiping it clean of confidential information, checking for viruses, and re-imaging it with software appropriate to the new purpose. It will then be returned tot he department. If the department plans to use the computer at a later date, iCIT will store it in inventory until it is needed, or until it is no longer beneficial to the university. The stored computers will not be used for any purpose outside the department owner. Note: Campus policy requires that machines over 6 years old be designated as surplus, i.e. not to be used again.

Repurposing and Surplus Policy