Online Surveys

iCIT supports a web-based survey system for campus administrative, academic or class project use. The web-based system has many of the most advanced features in survey software.

The online survey system may be accessed at

The first time you wish to helpdeska survey, you will need to request access to the system by emailing with your name and a brief description of your survey project.

For more information about using web-based surveys, contact the survey administrator at

Survey Documentation

Quick Start Guide

Step-by-step instructions to get you started on your first survey.

User Manual

Contains detailed information on all aspects of using the software.

Training Manual

A visual guide for non-technical users to help with basic survey creation, management, and deployment.

On-Demand Virtual Training

View a training video to help you learn how to set up a survey using the Select Survey tool.

Online Survey Features

Question Libraries

Create a question once, save it in a question library, and then re-use the question on any number of surveys.

Survey Templates

Use powerful survey templates to create your own custom look and feel for any survey. With over 50 options, you can easily create the identical look and feel of any site.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting includes summary reports, individual results, lists of respondents, report filtering, and data export.

21 Question Types

Choose from 21 different question types. Includes all basic question types, plus advanced questions such as 4 types of matrix questions, ranking, and constant sum.

Email Lists

Invite users to take surveys via your own custom email lists. Send out customized email invitations, track individual responses, view message history, and send follow-up emails.

Data Export

Export data from any survey into CSV/Excel in one of three formats, including SPSS. Includes dozens of options for exporting additional data.

Page Conditions

Use powerful page condition logic to optionally display any page in a survey based on responses to one or more questions on subsequent pages.

Answer Piping

Display the answers to questions on previous pages in the text of questions on subsequent pages.

Results Sharing

Easily share your survey results with others. Each report share allows for granular control over which reports are shared, and what functionality is available for that user.

Advanced Security

Each survey is assigned one of 7 respondent access levels to ensure the appropriate security for that particular survey.