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Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac on Campus

Information for Students:

CAMPUS LABS: In computer labs on UW-Whitewater campus, Office 2011 for Mac replaced the previous Office for Mac version before the beginning of the fall 2011 semester.

STUDENTS' PERSONAL COMPUTERS: Students interested in purchasing Office 2011 for Mac for use on their personal [privately owned] computers can take advantage of substantially reduced educational pricing by purchasing through Wisc Software Store (this offer is limited to University of Wisconsin students).

Information for Faculty & Staff:

ON UNIVERSITY COMPUTERS: Office 2011 for Mac is available now for faculty and staff who would like to install it on their University-owned computers. Please note the software requirements, and follow the instructions included in this PDF guide. Please be aware that the time it takes to install Office 2011 will vary. It may take 15 minutes, or much longer based the amount and size of your file. Installing other software simultaneously also may slow the process.

ON PERSONAL COMPUTERS: Faculty and staff interested in installing Office 2011 for Mac on their home [privately-owned] computers, can do so, based on UW-Whitewater's Work-at-Home (WAH) licensing agreement. For more information, and step-by-step payment and download instructions, please consult a separate PDF guide (access requires a valid faculty or staff Net-ID login). The use of WAH software is limited to UW-Whitewater faculty and staff, and does NOT extend to students..

ONLINE RESOURCES from Microsoft for learning Office 2011 for Mac (all links open in a new tab):

Podcast cover for Mac Outlook

OUTLOOK 2011 for Mac:

Podcast cover for Mac Word

WORD 2011 for Mac:

Podcast cover for Mac Excel

EXCEL 2011 for Mac:

Podcast cover for Mac PowerPoint

POWERPOINT 2011 for Mac:

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