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iCIT Training Center opened in September 2011. The Center is located in McGraw Hall, rm. 112 (Level 1), and will accommodate iCIT training needs, including software demos and small-group hands-on workshops. In addition to laptop computers, and  conference-room-style seating for 10, with power and data access for each participant, the room includes state-of-the art <em>SMART </em> board / projection screen, a sound system, a whiteboard-surface wall, and an adjustable lighting system with presets for various needs.

General view of the Training Center

Access Directions

There are two ways to get to the iCIT Training Center, and both are handicapped-accessible. See the map, and detailed directions, below. For the location of the McGraw Hall on campus, see the interactive campus map, or the printable campus map (PDF).

Access map for RM MG112

FROM THE MALL AREA (HYLAND and the UNIVERSITY CENTER): Enter trough entrance #7; for handicapped access, start at door #6, and take the ramp to door #7 (see photos below). Once you enter, you are on level 1. Proceed straight ahead past the elevator on your right, to the end of the hallway. Turn left, and proceed to the end of this hallway. Room MG 112 is at the end of the hallway on your right (to the right of the LTC entrance). On the map above, this is the GREEN line / access route.

Entrance #7
Accessibility ramp to entrance #7

FROM PARKING LOT #12: Enter through door #2, located on the ground level (see photo below). Proceed straight and to the elevator on your left. You are on the ground level, and need to get to level 1. Once on level 1, exit the elevator and turn right, and proceed to the end of the hallway, taking a left turn and proceeding to the end of the hallway again. Room MG 112 is at the end of the hallway on your right (to the right of the LTC entrance). On the map above, this is the BLUE line / access route.

Entrance #2

Please contact the iCIT Technology Advancement & Training Coordinator,  at, with any Training Center-related questions.

This page last updated on January 26, 2012 (GJ).