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Outlook Web Access (OWA) Calendar for Students

Outlook Web Access (OWA) Calendar is available to all UW-W students. OWA is a convenient tool to manage your time, and to keep track of your class schedule, university and personal projects and deadlines, work hours, and fun, personal events: from birthday parties, to concerts, and off-campus trips with family and friends.

Your calendar allows you to set-up reminders so that you have advance warning the day before that important midterm, and so that you never forget that birthday again!

You can access your new OWA Calendar through the same log-in point as your UWW e-mail, and just like your e-mail, it is accessible from anywhere where you have Internet access. OWA Calendar works best when it is accessed using Microsoft Internet Explorer, but you can also view and manage your calendar using other browsers, including FireFox and Safari (on the Mac), although with a reduced feature set of OWA-Light.

This page includes links to resources that will help you make the most of this convenient software tool.

HANDOUT: Learn how to add and manage your class schedule with OWA (printable PDF):


Other Resources

Image: Screenshot from OWA Calendar

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    • Video Tutorial from Microsoft (WEB):
      Note: Please note, that some sections and features presented in this Microsoft video tutorial (specifically, Options and Documents sections) do not apply to UW-W campus. You may want to skip these sections.

      When the video window appears, click the Calendar button located below the video area, to see an overview of the new features in OWA Calendar. The features of OWA presented in this video are only accessible if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer to access your calendar (MSE is installed in all campus labs).

This page last updated on August 06, 2010 (GJ).